Buying. Selling. Leasing

Melanie is your trusted advisor for:
  • Buying a new or existing home in the Greater Houston area, whether you’re a first time homebuyer or you’ve “been there, done that”
  • Re-selling your home
  • Marketing and listing your new construction
  • Leasing your investment property
  • Helping you find a space to rent while you await your perfect home
  • Finding an investment property in an up-and-coming part of town

Boulevard Realty is committed to redefining the value of a Realtor, consistently building more value into the service of its agents: before, during and after each transaction. Boulevard broker/owner Bill Baldwin stresses the importance of this, and models it for the firm’s agents through his own dedication and commitment to his clients. Melanie sat down with Bill to discuss her personal interpretation of redefining the value of a Realtor, for buyers and sellers:

Bill: As the world of real estate has continued to evolve, today more than ever, it’s important that we as Realtors are able to bring value to our clients beyond simply finding them a new home or selling a home they’ve outgrown. How are you redefining the value of a Realtor for your sellers?

Melanie: I feel that one of my strengths as an agent is my ability to assess if any cost effective updates should be made to a home before putting it on the market. I am able to suggest updates, work with the seller throughout the update process and ultimately get their house sold for a fair price. Boulevard providing the services of a design selections coordinator and construction manager on staff is an amazing asset that I love sharing with my clients in helping them prepare their homes for the market.

B: We love when our agents put those services to use! Now is there a type of seller you have a particular affinity to work with?

M: I enjoy working with sellers who are ready to move up and sell a starter home. With these sellers, this can often mean guiding them through the process of buying a new home as well. As a former educator who is also very plugged in to Houston’s close-in neighborhoods, I take pride in finding homes zoned to exemplary schools, which is likely a high priority for sellers moving from a starter home.

Truthfully though, I am comfortable working with a wide range of sellers, beyond just those selling starter homes. I like working with sellers in the mid-price range of $180-500K, but also take joy in working with sellers with high-end listings. Most importantly, I am committed to coming up with a custom-tailored marketing strategy designed to get as much attention on the listing as possible, no matter what price the home is being listed for.

B: And for your buyers, how are you redefining the value of a Realtor for them?

M: Many of my buyers are first time homebuyers so I want to make the home buying process as easy, straightforward and simple as possible for them. To do this, I like offering special services like home buying dinner seminars with financial advisors/lenders/builders.

B: That’s terrific. It’s important to be able to offer something unique like that to clients, being there as a resource in addition to being their Realtor. So you prefer working with first time homebuyers then?

M: In general, on the buying side, I love the idea of working with new professionals who are just getting started with big investments, such as physicians who have completed residencies/fellowships and have signed into partnerships.

I went through med school, residency, partnership, and buying 3 homes with my ex, so there is a familiarity and comfort level with that crowd. I understand their income jumps, their concerns, and the need to have a house that is a reward for all the years of work/training they’ve completed and the long hours still expected. I feel that my unique perspective/knowledge of the way things work for medical professionals is a true asset for them.

I absolutely want to expand beyond the medical field though, working with younger buyer audiences in other professions. Many of them seem to be drawn to neighborhoods I am passionate about like EaDo, Rice Military, Montrose, and the Heights. I love how each of these areas have their own local feel/flavor and I enjoy helping clients find their personal sanctuary in these parts of town.

B: Well I think any young professional should consider themselves so lucky to work with you!
Thanks for sitting down to chat with me, now I’ll let you get back to selling houses!

M: Thank you!